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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Dirty Carpet

Every dirty carpet has a back story; the leftover lasagna spilled off the dinner tray, the dog dragged in its muddy remains after a rainy play day and dirt-laden footsteps trekked through the house several times since your last carpet cleaning.

Sure, you might know how your mess arrived, but do you know the after effects of a dirty carpet? Here are five facts that you likely had no idea were true:

  • The virus that causes the stomach flu (Norovirus) can survive for over a month on an unsanitary carpet.
  • Each year, several pounds of soil can accumulate within carpet fibers as well as underneath the carpet.
  • A human body will shed about 1.5 million skin flakes per hour, the majority of which will become embedded in your carpet.
  • Have a fireplace? A carpet near a fireplace, when warmed, makes home for a creature called a “firebrat”. It is an insect-like creature that has a flexible body and can eat almost anything.
  • All carpets should be professionally cleaned at a minimum of every 12 to 18 months.
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