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Protect Your Drapes

An overlooked aspect to your home may be the drapes. They aren’t always noticed as much more than the fabric sheets that hang over the windows to block the sun from getting inside or to provide privacy. What you may not know, though, is that it is important to schedule regular cleanings of your drapes.

Sunlight Damage

Over time, your drapes will fade and collect dust because of sunlight that they are exposed to. You could hang lighter colored drapes to delay the fading process, but ultimately the sun will get the last laugh. Lining your curtains can help, too. The lining will protect the fabric from having a direct contact with the sun.

Kitchen Drapes

Have drapes hanging in your kitchen? If so, you must note that these drapes may collect grease and that spatters from pans and food particles as well. It is extremely important to the health of the environment that these are regularly cleaned. Insects will take full advantage of a hanging fabric that acts as a net for their survival needs!

Cleaning Your Drapes

Scheduling a drape cleaning service on a regular basis could really go a long way for the health of your home. As these fabrics are hanging, there is a much higher chance that the germs that they collect will impact your atmosphere. There are many different techniques in play because each fabric is different. Make sure you have the right professional team to make your home a healthy environment!

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