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4 Upholstery Cleaning Tips that WILL Save your Stuff

4 Upholstery Cleaning Tips that WILL Save your Stuff

Stains are inevitable, inconvenient, and hard to look at but lucky for you we got a few upholstery cleaning tips to help combat them. And combat is an accurate word because upholstery stains can be a surprisingly formative foe to deal with. Slippery glasses of wine, children rushing in from playing outside, dog thinking they’re alone in the house; these are recipes for disaster and there’s always something new to threaten your fine furniture. So let’s take a look at a few ways to ensure that the stains you gather over time don’t overstay their welcome.

Get Them Early

Now this may seem very obvious but occasionally stains can creep up on you (which usually make for a far more laborious process to clean up). However, if you notice something is amiss and find a fresh stain, your best course of action is to tackle it right away. The longer the stain sits, the more ingrained it will be with the rest of the fabric. Keep in mind that these may not always occur when your item is stationary. One of the best upholstery cleaning tips we can offer is to give your furniture a review after things like moving or guest visits. Upholstery on the move is prone to damage from outside elements, so keep an eye on it and act quickly!

Break out the Vacuum

When it comes to valuable upholstery cleaning tips, maintenance is absolutely something to keep in mind. Regular vacuuming of your furniture is just practical as it keeps them clean and helps you keep an eye on any new or developing stains. Plus, when it comes to actually combating a stain a vacuum will be able to suck up all the loose particles and fade the stain in a way that will make any follow up work much better. This should be your first step in dealing with any new discoveries and a regular thing when just cleaning around the house.

Have an Arsenal Ready

The vacuum is very much an essential tool and helps tremendously with maintenance but there will be times when you have to act quickly or thoroughly to tackle a new stain, and you will need some helpful tools. Clean white cloths are essential as they are the most capable of cleaning stains of any type and can be washed/bleached to remove all bacteria with very few leftover stains. Clear dish soap will allow you to coat your cloths with soap suds and lightly surface clean any affected areas, providing a good base to work from.

A horsehair upholstery brush is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to doing a sweep of the affected area and rug dry cleaner is perfect for those stubborn stains. These are just the base tools, depending on how harsh the stain is more specialized tools may be necessary and it will definitely be dependent on the material of your furniture.

Check your Cleaning Codes

Some upholstery cleaning tips are actually provided by your furniture manufacturer, and go a long way in helping solve the issue. Upholstery is usually marked with a code that lets the buyer know what type of cleaning is recommended. Check all the tags that may be attached to the piece or even under the seating cushions as there will be a one letter code that let’s know you what you need to do. Should you not find anything there are usually resources online that can pinpoint you what the actual code is.

Examples: “W” means you item can be cleaned with water (and that your fabric is likely very durable) while “S” means it must be cleaned exclusively with solvents. If you see an “X” that means it can only be cleaned by means of vacuum, this is rare but it’s good to know when looking for new upholstery to decorate your home with.

At the end of the day, upholstery cleaning can be tough. However, with some maintenance and quick action your furniture can look amazing even years after first got it. So take these upholstery cleaning tips to heart and make sure your items are always at their most presentable. No one likes stains, and if the upkeep does seem like too much of a hassle there’s always the Ace Rug & Furniture Cleaning Company here to help! Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram for some great pictures and the latest updates!

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