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What Dirty Air Ducts Are Doing To Your Health

What Dirty Air Ducts Are Doing To Your Health

Dirty air ducts can cause a lot of problems when letting fester for too long. We get it: Cleaning said devices can be an absolute pain and you would rather use your time for other things. However, the effects of dirty air ducts can be long lasting and will be even worse if you or a family member already has a respiratory condition. Making sure you’re breathing in clean air is a must, something very hard to do with an unclean air duct. Here are a few things that can happen that will make you think twice about letting the dust and grime fester in your ventilation system.


What Dirty Air Ducts Are Doing To Your Health

The dust and other particles that settle in unkempt ventilation systems can do a number on people who suffer from Asthma. If asthma attacks or general sickness is more frequent within the home than in other areas, you most likely have an issue with the air ducts. Address this concern immediately as an asthma attack is not something to take lightly.


What Dirty Air Ducts Are Doing To Your Health

Pollen and Spores can accumulate in a dirty air duct just as easy as anything else, and there is a large segment of the population that are affected by these things. Consistent exposure can be detrimental to long term health. These spores are capable of spreading throughout the entire area of your home, providing no safe relief for anyone susceptible to those types of allergies. Regular cleaning of your air ducts are the only option.


What Dirty Air Ducts Are Doing To Your Health

Most of the respiratory variety but a dirty home means a higher chance of developing an infection. Respiratory infections in particular are more at risk as dust and other particles make their way into the respiratory system and wreak havoc your ability to breathe comfortably.


This one is hard to assess sometimes as you get used to the place you live and the smell of it starts to become less noticeable. When you have guests, however… it’s best to be clean. Dirty air ducts move along these odors to the rest of your home, providing an uncomfortable atmosphere for people who don’t spend much time in your abode.


Of course all this can be fixed with some solid air duct cleaning, which we offer here at Ace Rug Cleaners! To learn more check out this link! Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest updates.

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