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How to clean Fabric: A Guide

How to clean Fabric: A Guide

Learning how to clean certain types of fabric can be very daunting if you don’t know what you’re working with. Luckily, there are experts (like those at Ace) that know what certain fabrics need in order to maintain that lovely color and texture. Here’s how best to tackle certain fabric types that amazing wardrobe stays looking amazing!


One of the most comfortable fabrics available, Cotton is a staple in clothing all across the world. It is a durable material that can be washed repeatedly. Due to this over the years people have become VERY good at cleaning cotton. The best way to clean cotton clothes is to wash in warm water, preferably temperatures over 60 degrees.


Talk about a strong material! When learning how to clean fabric this one can seem a bit “tough” but don’t let its texture fool you! Wool is one of the easier fabrics to clean. Wool is woven from the undercoats of hairy animals like sheep and goats but also is often mixed with synthetic fibers. Remember to wash this one in cold as it’ll shrink at higher temperatures!


Initially developed as a substitute for fibers like silk, linen and cotton, Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric that is prone to wrinkles but VERY durable. When learning how to clean fabric of this nature be sure to dry clean when you have the option but cold to mild temperatures should be fine, just look out for shrinking!


This one is best to leave for the professionals! Linen won’t withstand heavy wear and wrinkles rather easily but makes for a great living room cloth. When learning how to clean this fabric remember to treat it with elegance! It’s a velvet fabric, which makes for a lovely look and feel so treat it with care!

When choosing the fabric for your upholstery it’s best to keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each material. Some are good for elegance, some are good for toughness, some are good for comfort and some are a mix of all these and more. When you want to get them cleaned, however, hire a professional who knows all about this process. Hire Ace! Be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram for updates on all things Ace!

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