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White Vinegar for Cleaning — the Timeless Stain Solution

Our parents’ and our parents’ parents’ generations have relied on this common household item to solve a myriad of household problems. People have used white vinegar for cleaning as far back as 460 B.C.E., as well as for cooking, agricultural, and medicinal purposes. But as a cleaner, white vinegar is regarded as one of the best.

Vinegar, being the miracle liquid that it is, doesn’t harm the environment in controlled amounts, is non-toxic to humans, and is astoundingly inexpensive, especially in large quantities. This makes using white vinegar for cleaning a perfect solution around the house for chores like killing weeds, cleaning kitchen appliances, and perhaps most importantly, treating stains.

When cleaning the house, stains just seem to find their way onto anything – Murphy’s Law, right? With white vinegar, you can tell good ol’ Murphy to shove it.

Here are three of our favorite common household cleaning hacks featuring white vinegar as the shining star:

Eliminating cigarette odor

Cigarette smoke may slowly be transforming into a mere memory, but a horrible reminder of it remains. With no energy to head to the store and buy air-freshener, simply reach into the kitchen cabinet and grab the white vinegar. The versatile bottle has been neglected, but that doesn’t mean it has neglected you. Pour some white vinegar in a medium bowl; place it on top your living room table and relax as the painful odor dissipates.

Un-sticking stuck scissors

Before the most wonderful time of the year is the most stressful one—the holidays. After cutting yards of wrapping paper and tape, progress is stifled by the sticky build-up of gunk on your scissors. We get it, this is probably a small issue amidst the heaping pile of other problems at the time, but that doesn’t make it less annoying. To remove the sticky mess, simply pour some of that handy dandy white vinegar on a washcloth and vigorously rub the scissor blades clean. By using white vinegar for cleaning scissors, they’ll also shine up nicely!

Removing pesky pet pee

Dog owners know the struggle of having a pet who loves you so much they pee on sight – cute, but come on! Fix your puppy troubles with white vinegar! First, pour a layer of baking soda on the stain. Then, mix one part water with one part white vinegar and pour it on the baking soda. Let it sit for five minutes then scrub the area with a strong-bristled brush until clean.

White vinegar is your carpet’s best friend, but if it still isn’t as fresh as it should be, simply give Ace Rug & Furniture Cleaning a call. One of our three effective carpet and cleaning methods may just be the answer to restoring your carpet to its original luster.

How to clean Fabric: A Guide

How to clean Fabric: A Guide

Learning how to clean certain types of fabric can be very daunting if you don’t know what you’re working with. Luckily, there are experts (like those at Ace) that know what certain fabrics need in order to maintain that lovely color and texture. Here’s how best to tackle certain fabric types that amazing wardrobe stays looking amazing!


One of the most comfortable fabrics available, Cotton is a staple in clothing all across the world. It is a durable material that can be washed repeatedly. Due to this over the years people have become VERY good at cleaning cotton. The best way to clean cotton clothes is to wash in warm water, preferably temperatures over 60 degrees.


Talk about a strong material! When learning how to clean fabric this one can seem a bit “tough” but don’t let its texture fool you! Wool is one of the easier fabrics to clean. Wool is woven from the undercoats of hairy animals like sheep and goats but also is often mixed with synthetic fibers. Remember to wash this one in cold as it’ll shrink at higher temperatures!


Initially developed as a substitute for fibers like silk, linen and cotton, Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric that is prone to wrinkles but VERY durable. When learning how to clean fabric of this nature be sure to dry clean when you have the option but cold to mild temperatures should be fine, just look out for shrinking!


This one is best to leave for the professionals! Linen won’t withstand heavy wear and wrinkles rather easily but makes for a great living room cloth. When learning how to clean this fabric remember to treat it with elegance! It’s a velvet fabric, which makes for a lovely look and feel so treat it with care!

When choosing the fabric for your upholstery it’s best to keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each material. Some are good for elegance, some are good for toughness, some are good for comfort and some are a mix of all these and more. When you want to get them cleaned, however, hire a professional who knows all about this process. Hire Ace! Be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram for updates on all things Ace!

carpet cleaning services

Carpets Should be Cleaned Far More than You Would Think

Carpets and rugs are one of the easiest things to neglect cleaning. While fan blades are out of sight and out of mind, carpets are always present, and they are one of the first things you or guests will see, but this can be deceptive. Many carpets have colors or materials that can hide dirt and debris, so many people assume their carpet is cleaner than it really is.

Even more common than that, most people never have their carpets steam cleaned or professionally cleaned. The reality is that experts suggest a carpet or rug should be professionally steamed or cleaned every 12-18 months and as often as every month if you have children, pets, or allergies.  Anything beyond that could not only be contaminating your home, but could also be violating your warranty.

Experts have agreed that “Indoor air quality can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality” if carpets and rugs are not regularly cleaned. It may seem like running the vacuum whenever you see dirt or debris is doing the job properly, but the truth is that lots of contaminants are hiding just beneath the surface. These contaminants are caused by everything from improper cleaning to not cleaning frequently enough.

Clean Frequently and Slowly

A major cause of contaminants is rushing cleaning. You should be vacuuming at least once a week, and even more if you have children or animals. Animals can carry all manner of dirt, mites, and bugs that can fall into your carpets crevices, and children are walking mess makers.

But even if you are cleaning often, make sure you do it slowly. Even the best vacuum cleaners can only do so much, and if you are rushing them over dense carpets, or those packed with fibers, they simply will not be picking up all that they need to. Once a week, take the time to slowly vacuum, and if you have any spills, be sure to blot and clean it immediately. Even dry spills like chips or food can seep into the deepest parts of your carpet. Doing a methodic, slow clean is best.

Professional Cleaning

Even with all those measures taken, the truth is that carpets get dirty. You wouldn’t trust running a vacuum over your clothes once a week, so why would you trust your carpet fibers to be fine without ever being washed? Carpets are more abused than any material in your home, and they are waiting to spread filth and contaminants.

If you have sensitivities or allergies, you should be utilizing professional services even more frequently. Only a proper steam cleaning can get the dirt that has gone deep into your carpet, which is especially important if you are susceptible to germs or have young ones climbing and crawling around.

The simple truth is that it is hard to maintain a carpet or rug for years to come, but most people won’t ever change their carpeting, and few will ever change a rug. For your health, and your wallet, it is best to maintain your rug and carpet with thorough, regular maintenance and cleaning.

Here at Ace, we have been doing it for a long time (almost 70 years now!), and we know the best way to get at dirt and grime and keep your home clean. Call us now if your scheduled cleaning is just around the corner!

What Dirty Air Ducts Are Doing To Your Health

What Dirty Air Ducts Are Doing To Your Health

Dirty air ducts can cause a lot of problems when letting fester for too long. We get it: Cleaning said devices can be an absolute pain and you would rather use your time for other things. However, the effects of dirty air ducts can be long lasting and will be even worse if you or a family member already has a respiratory condition. Making sure you’re breathing in clean air is a must, something very hard to do with an unclean air duct. Here are a few things that can happen that will make you think twice about letting the dust and grime fester in your ventilation system.


The dust and other particles that settle in unkempt ventilation systems can do a number on people who suffer from Asthma. If asthma attacks or general sickness is more frequent within the home than in other areas, you most likely have an issue with the air ducts. Address this concern immediately as an asthma attack is not something to take lightly.


Pollen and Spores can accumulate in a dirty air duct just as easy as anything else, and there is a large segment of the population that are affected by these things. Consistent exposure can be detrimental to long term health. These spores are capable of spreading throughout the entire area of your home, providing no safe relief for anyone susceptible to those types of allergies. Regular cleaning of your air ducts are the only option.


Most of the respiratory variety but a dirty home means a higher chance of developing an infection. Respiratory infections in particular are more at risk as dust and other particles make their way into the respiratory system and wreak havoc your ability to breathe comfortably.


This one is hard to assess sometimes as you get used to the place you live and the smell of it starts to become less noticeable. When you have guests, however… it’s best to be clean. Dirty air ducts move along these odors to the rest of your home, providing an uncomfortable atmosphere for people who don’t spend much time in your abode.


Of course all this can be fixed with some solid air duct cleaning, which we offer here at Ace Rug Cleaners! To learn more check out this link! Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest updates.

4 Upholstery Cleaning Tips that WILL Save your Stuff

4 Upholstery Cleaning Tips that WILL Save your Stuff

Stains are inevitable, inconvenient, and hard to look at but lucky for you we got a few upholstery cleaning tips to help combat them. And combat is an accurate word because upholstery stains can be a surprisingly formative foe to deal with. Slippery glasses of wine, children rushing in from playing outside, dog thinking they’re alone in the house; these are recipes for disaster and there’s always something new to threaten your fine furniture. So let’s take a look at a few ways to ensure that the stains you gather over time don’t overstay their welcome.

Get Them Early

Now this may seem very obvious but occasionally stains can creep up on you (which usually make for a far more laborious process to clean up). However, if you notice something is amiss and find a fresh stain, your best course of action is to tackle it right away. The longer the stain sits, the more ingrained it will be with the rest of the fabric. Keep in mind that these may not always occur when your item is stationary. One of the best upholstery cleaning tips we can offer is to give your furniture a review after things like moving or guest visits. Upholstery on the move is prone to damage from outside elements, so keep an eye on it and act quickly!

Break out the Vacuum

When it comes to valuable upholstery cleaning tips, maintenance is absolutely something to keep in mind. Regular vacuuming of your furniture is just practical as it keeps them clean and helps you keep an eye on any new or developing stains. Plus, when it comes to actually combating a stain a vacuum will be able to suck up all the loose particles and fade the stain in a way that will make any follow up work much better. This should be your first step in dealing with any new discoveries and a regular thing when just cleaning around the house.

Have an Arsenal Ready

The vacuum is very much an essential tool and helps tremendously with maintenance but there will be times when you have to act quickly or thoroughly to tackle a new stain, and you will need some helpful tools. Clean white cloths are essential as they are the most capable of cleaning stains of any type and can be washed/bleached to remove all bacteria with very few leftover stains. Clear dish soap will allow you to coat your cloths with soap suds and lightly surface clean any affected areas, providing a good base to work from.

A horsehair upholstery brush is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to doing a sweep of the affected area and rug dry cleaner is perfect for those stubborn stains. These are just the base tools, depending on how harsh the stain is more specialized tools may be necessary and it will definitely be dependent on the material of your furniture.

Check your Cleaning Codes

Some upholstery cleaning tips are actually provided by your furniture manufacturer, and go a long way in helping solve the issue. Upholstery is usually marked with a code that lets the buyer know what type of cleaning is recommended. Check all the tags that may be attached to the piece or even under the seating cushions as there will be a one letter code that let’s know you what you need to do. Should you not find anything there are usually resources online that can pinpoint you what the actual code is.

Examples: “W” means you item can be cleaned with water (and that your fabric is likely very durable) while “S” means it must be cleaned exclusively with solvents. If you see an “X” that means it can only be cleaned by means of vacuum, this is rare but it’s good to know when looking for new upholstery to decorate your home with.

At the end of the day, upholstery cleaning can be tough. However, with some maintenance and quick action your furniture can look amazing even years after first got it. So take these upholstery cleaning tips to heart and make sure your items are always at their most presentable. No one likes stains, and if the upkeep does seem like too much of a hassle there’s always the Ace Rug & Furniture Cleaning Company here to help! Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram for some great pictures and the latest updates!

Cleaning products can be found in the home!

Cleaning Products Found in Your Home

Cleaning your home on your own can require a lot of work. It is recommended that you employ a professional cleaning service to make sure that your home is of maximum cleanliness, but looking into cleaning your home by yourself isn’t a bad option either. The first step to cleaning your home on your own is finding the right products to use. Chemicals found in stores may do the job, but they could also leave airborne toxins floating around in the environment of your home for a longer period of time afterwards. Most stores sell organic cleaning products now, but those can be deceiving as well. If you’re looking for natural cleaning products that you can use in your home, look no further than your home!

Cleaning Products At Home

White Vinegar (Diluted and Undiluted)

Diluted white vinegar is a solution that dissolves dirt, scum, soap and hard water deposits off of surfaces such as smooth countertops, bathtubs and floors. It is also a gentle enough product to use to clean hardwood floors with no aftermath. It is a natural deodorizer that absorbs odors for a long-term fix rather than the quick fix to mask the smell until the cover-up wears away.

Undiluted white vinegar quickly cleans tougher problems involving hard water stains and leftover soap residue. This makes it a popular cleaning solution to use inside of the toilet bowl. You can use a pumice stone to remove more permanent stains. The white vinegar will remove odor with its absorbent characteristics, leaving the formerly dirty area looking and smelling fresh!

Baking Soda

Forget the cleaning powders that are sold in stores. Baking soda is a natural deodorizing replacement that makes for a powerful tool while scouring hard surfaces. You can use baking soda as one of the natural cleaning products in your home when you’re cleaning your bathtub, toilet or ceramic countertop. Add baking soda onto a damp sponge and watch it go to work for you!

Rubbing Alcohol

Strong alcohol solutions are natural germ destroyers. Rubbing alcohol is used to disinfect the human body when cuts and abrasions reveal more than they should. The same can be said about alcohol when used as one of your home cleaning products. You can also use it as a glass cleaner as it will give your windows and mirrors a sparkle that can make any home shine bright!


Ammonia is an alkaline solution that you can use as an all-purpose cleaner on windows, countertops and more! Try to avoid the sudsy ammonia, as the suds appear as if they’re working but it is hard to keep under control and clean up afterwards. For a nice, tidy clean, use an ammonia that doesn’t bubble up and avoid the difficult rinse and removal.

We hope that you’ll start to use these natural products in your home!

drapery cleaning

Protect Your Drapes

The Importance of Drapery Cleaning

Drapery cleaning is an overlooked home activity that most people are probably guilty of. Drapery cleaning is the first thing people think of when it’s time to clean the home. When you think about it, drapes aren’t as noticeable as stained flooring or furniture. Drapes are often thought of as the pieces of fabric that hang over your windows to block out the sun and provide your home with privacy once the sun has gone down. What you may not know, though, is that it is important to schedule regular drapery cleaning.

Sunlight Damage

Over time, your drapes will fade and collect dust because of sunlight that they are exposed to. You could hang lighter colored drapes to delay the fading process, but ultimately the sun will get the last laugh. Lining your curtains can help, too. The lining will protect the fabric from having a direct contact with the sun.

Kitchen Drapes

Have drapes hanging in your kitchen? If so, you must note that these drapes may collect grease and that spatters from pans and food particles as well. It is extremely important to the health of the environment that these are regularly cleaned. Insects will take full advantage of a hanging fabric that acts as a net for their survival needs!

Cleaning Your Drapes

Scheduling a drape cleaning service on a regular basis could really go a long way for the health of your home. As these fabrics are hanging, there is a much higher chance that the germs that they collect will impact your atmosphere. There are many different techniques in play because each fabric is different. Make sure you have the right professional team to make your home a healthy environment! Be sure to give us a call and schedule your next drapery cleaning service. You can reach us by calling  (310)273-9631

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The Best Methods to Clean a Hard Floor

Cleaning a Hard Floor

There are many different processes in cleaning hard floor surfaces. It goes beyond simply sweeping up to remove dirt from the surface. However, each hard floor is different. You need to understand the surface before the floor cleaning is executed properly.

Here are a few of our favorite methods:

Honing/Restoration Method:

This process is primarily used to remove minor scratches and worn areas from the floor’s surface. Using diamond coated pads, this works effectively on natural stone surfaces. It is an important aspect to floor cleaning from an aesthetic standpoint, as it rids the floor of ugly scrapes and refines tarnished spots.


This is more so a preventative measure to help preserve your stone floor’s surface. This will keep the floor in great shape and prepare it for a long lifespan. It will also enhance the natural beauty of the stone.


This floor cleaning process will leave your wood and/or laminate surface in pristine condition. Sanding to bare wood, staining (if requested) and sealing to preserve the surface – this will make your floor happy!


This method is for ceramic or porcelain tiles. Through this process, the look of the grout and the tile itself can be changed. The results tend to give the outstanding appearance of an entirely new floor.

how to clean carpet

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Dirty Carpet

How to Clean Carpet – 5 Facts That Help

Every dirty carpet has a back story; the leftover lasagna spilled off the dinner tray, the dog dragged in its muddy remains after a rainy play day and dirt-laden footsteps trekked through the house several times since your last cleaning. Below we take a look at 5 carpet facts you probably did not know. Understanding these facts will give you a better idea how to clean carpet according to the mess.

Learning how to clean carpet correctly will save you a huge headache whenever you are faced with mess that has to be cleaned up to prevent permanent staining. Sure, you might know how your mess arrived, but do you know the after effects of a dirty carpet. Here are five facts that you likely had no idea were true:

  • The virus that causes the stomach flu (Norovirus) can survive for over a month on an unsanitary carpet.
  • Each year, several pounds of soil can accumulate within carpet fibers as well as underneath the carpet.
  • A human body will shed about 1.5 million skin flakes per hour, the majority of which will become embedded in your carpet.
  • Have a fireplace? A carpet near a fireplace, when warmed, makes home for a creature called a “firebrat”. These insects resemble the “silverfish” since they are part of the same family. Both creatures have an affinity for chewing through most materials which include paper, cardboard, and various cloth materials.
  • All carpets should be professionally cleaned at a minimum of every 12 to 18 months.

Now that you understand these five carpet facts. You can now have a better idea how to clean carpet to help keep your home a safe pest free environment.

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