Furniture Cleaning

The Process

Vacuum: The first step in our furniture cleaning service is a thorough vacuuming. This is a crucial step as it removes dirt, dust and other germs from the surface of the upholstery. Removing the dirt from the surface of the furniture will ready it for a deeper clean.

Shampoo: After we vacuum the furniture, we shampoo it for a deep cleanse. This, of course, depends on what type of material we are dealing with. Every piece of furniture is unique in this way. Sometimes a shampooing is not necessary. Some pieces of furniture are made with materials that could be ruined by a shampooing. If the furniture’s material is compatible with our shampoo, and the amount of soil is significant enough, we will shampoo the furniture during the furniture cleaning service.

Dry Clean (Hand/Machine): If the piece of furniture that we are working on is not in need of a shampooing, or if a shampooing would put the material at risk of being damaged, then we move on to a dry cleaning method. We execute this by hand, or with a machine that further rids the material of hazardous grime.

Vacuum Dry: If we had put the furniture through our shampooing process, it will be in need of a vacuum dry following the cleanse. The moisture, if left behind, could indeed damage the furniture further and present an entirely new set of problems. It is a good thing that our professionals understand the ins and outs of cleaning furniture, and no job is complete without a vacuum dry.

Fabric Walls & Drapery Cleaning

A lot like our furniture cleaning service, our drapery cleaning service is crucial to making sure that your fabric walls and drapery stay clean as well. If you allow your walls and drapery to collect dust, airborne germs can infest rooms in your home. We pre-vacuum first (if necessary) and then we clean all of the material by hand. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk any longer. Rid your home of the dust particles, dirt and germs that live in each room of your home!