Floor Cleaning


Our floor refinishing service helps to renew floors of many surfaces: Wood, stone, marble or tile. We take an individual approach to each job so that each surface is treated properly. Floor refinishing is often your first choice to replacing worn or damage flooring. Our floor refinishing techniques help reduce excess dust and debris typically associated to this kind of work so you don’t have to hire a cleaning company after our work is finished.

Cleaning: Through use of our patented cleaning process, we can remove dirt, stains and bacteria. This also helps remove any residue left over from the installation process.

Honing/Restoration: With the use of diamond coated pads, we can remove minor scratches and worn areas.

Polishing: We can give your marble, granite or stone the sheen you want during our floor cleaning process. We can also enhance the colors in your stone and help protect it from everyday traffic and spills.

Grinding: By using this aggressive process, we can remove deep scratches and lippage (uneven tile edges). This process is done by machines with diamond abrasive pads and water that creates virtually no dust.

Sealing: We can seal your stone to protect and enhance its natural beauty.

Repairs: We can repair almost any stone. This includes chips, cracks or holes. We can match your stone’s color and repair it with the same materials that were used.


Cleaning: Many times a professional cleaning is all you need to bring your floor back to its original luster.

Recoating: If you already have a polyurethane finish on your floor you may only need to re-coat not re-finish. We lightly sand the top finish only to remove surface scratches and worn areas. We then re-coat with a polyurethane finish.

Refinishing: Consists of complete sanding to bare wood, staining (upon request) and sealing.

Repairs: We can usually match and repair all types of wood and laminates.


Cleaning: Most tiles are not what attract the dirt but rather the grout. We use the strongest methods available to clean both tile and grout. We always re-seal all your grout and can also perform any repairs that are needed. We can even change your grout color if you wish with our patented surface color sealing process.

Re-grouting: By re-grouting your tile we can not only change the look of the grout, but the look of the tile itself. The results are usually outstanding and give the appearance of a whole new tile surface. With our proven techniques, we can re-grout your floors with high-quality results.