I have allergies and am worried if the chemicals that you use will bother them?

The solutions that we use are environmentally safe and completely nontoxic and are safe for people with allergies, children and pets. Rugs and furniture can harbor soil and other contaminates. Properly cleaning your carpet and furniture will remove the built up soil and contaminates to improve indoor air quality and reduce allergens. In extreme cases of allergies we offer the SOAP FREE PROCYON with our steam cleaning (detergent free, odor less, Hypo-allergenic). We accommodate all of our customers needs.

How long will my carpets/furniture stay wet?

For heavily soiled carpets/furniture the drying time will take about 4-8 hours after cleaning (upon request we do put paper down). Non-heavily soiled carpets/furniture take about 3-5 hours to dry after cleaning. Blowers are available for rainy days to help reduce drying time.

Other carpet cleaning firms are cheaper why is that?

We have built our business on our quality work. We do not use “bait and switch” as part of our sales strategy, unfortunately in the industry some operators do. Our carpet cleaning professionals are salaried and have been working with us from between 15-25 years. Our price is reflective of the top quality work, equipment, and materials used when we clean. Quality cleaning and care extends the life of your rug and furniture, while poor quality cleaning can leave behind residues and actually harm your investment!

How often should I have my carpet or furniture cleaned?

The first step to keeping your investment of furniture and rug optimally clean is to routinely vacuum your carpet and furniture (we recommend using a vacuum with a HEPA air filtering system so as to better control air pollution). We recommend cleaning residential carpet with medium traffic area at least once a year.

If there is higher traffic in some areas or if you have extra sensitivity towards air borne allergens, then carpet should be cleaned with higher frequency. Experts agree that cleaning a carpet before it “looks dirty” greatly extends the life of your carpet and makes for a healthier indoor environment. Doctors recommend that people with allergies and Asthma wash their carpeting, drapes and upholstered furniture every 3 to 6 months. Vacuuming alone will not do the trick. Professional cleaning is the key to killing dustmites which is the number one cause of allergens in the indoor environment.

Cleaning Tips:

For most stains we recommend you use white distilled vinegar, put in a spray bottle (do not dilute with water) mist the areas that are stain, let it sit for a minute then take a white Turkish towel and soak up as much as you can. If you are cleaning it off carpet do not scrub too hard due to fibers, repeat process once. White distilled vinegar is recommend for wine, coffee, orange juice spills and pet urine. If you spill red wine, put white wine over it then take a white towel and soak up as much as you can, after you may use white distilled vinegar. White wine helps reduce the red wine stain becoming permanent.